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Say It Twice Books Presents:

Colors is an introduction to learning the basic rainbow colors in spanish. At the end of the book there is an activity that will include the colors they read.

Say It Twice Books Presents: Numbers
Numbers, will allow children to count to ten in Spanish and after enjoy an activity at the end of the book that will be about the numbers they learned.

Say It Twice Book Presents:


" Fruits," is the third book from the Say It Twice Book Collection.  This book introduces the reader to fruits in Spanish and English.  Each Say It Twice Book has an English pronunciation guide that is attached with a picture and activity.

Say It Twice Book Presents:


What's your favorite Vegetable? Now you can say your favorite Vegetables in English and Spanish.  

Say It Twice Book Presents:

Bugs!!! Everybody loves Bugs!! Small or big Bugs, they are all fun. Say the names of garden Bugs in English and Spanish with your family.

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Say It Twice Book Presents:

5 Book Collection
Why buy one book at a time? When you can buy all five at one time? Please enjoy all of the Say It Twice Books with an audio for each included; plus a special gift.
Price: $20.00

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Say It Twice Book Presents:

The Bat blues
This story takes place in Louisiana. Royce and Dakota are sisters that don't always agree on the same things. Dakota doesn't like Halloween and isn't on the Halloween spirit. Royce on the other hand totally enjoys Halloween. Read and see how Royce gets Dakota in the Halloween spirit. Happy Halloween!
Price: $10.00

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